Corporate Security Services

We'll show you where you are most vulnerable, then help you neutralize or counteract a wide variety of corporate and private client operational security issues.

With more than 20 years of experience in operational risk management and investigations, travel risk mitigation, executive protection, private client services and emergency response services, we will show you where you are most vulnerable, and then help you neutralize or counteract activities that threaten you the most.

Operational security services as diverse as your needs!

Our team consists of not only veterans from various military and law enforcement agencies, but also mechanical, electrical, manufacturing and telecommunications professionals.

Working closely with your staff, we will guide you through a proven process that includes:

- Threat management
- Travel risk assessment
- Information security and technical surveillance countermeasures
- Executive protection
- Private client and family office services
- Emergency security response services for a host of threats
- Events Security
- Offices/Plants Security
- Special Task Teams (sea/land)

Effective threat management in five steps

- Assess the threat
- Investigate the threat
- Review security and provide executive protection
- Determine the response
- Establish and execute an intervention plan
Executive threat assessment and security review

Our proven executive threat assessment methodology is based on more than 20 years of providing executive protection in some of the most challenging locales in the world.

This assessment considers the public exposure of the corporate executives and their families, examining any past security incidents, and interviewing employees and others who interact with the executives’ daily lives. We also conduct on-site reviews of security measures and policies at residences, offices and for travel

Comprehensive corporate executive protection services

We offer a wide range of executive protection services and understand the nuances of working in a corporate environment. In particular, we specialize in mitigating risk and helping clients protect their families, physical property and financial value. Our holistic approach includes but is not limited to:

Executive Protection. Our operatives provide immediate close protection and advise our clients on security issues. They are licensed within the jurisdictions they operate and have carried out the appropriate level of training. Additionally, they have many years of operational experience in similar assignments.

Protective Surveillance. This is a low-profile approach used to protect clients who wish to maintain their privacy with the knowledge that a responsive security team is close at hand should a situation arise.

Security Driver. The addition of a security driver ensures that clients are safely transported. This can be further enhanced by the use of an escort vehicle and additional close protection operatives should the threat dictate an elevation in security.

Counter Surveillance Support. While providing executive protection in more complex situations, there may be intelligence or information to suggest that the client under our protection is being followed. We can support existing executive protection measures with the use of a counter surveillance team who will observe our movements and identify third parties who are monitoring our movements. Our aim is then to observe and identify the parties involved or provide covert intervention measures to deter, delay or prevent any further surveillance of our clients.

Residential Security. Close protection operatives can be deployed to secure both homes and offices. This ensures the client’s home is secured 24 hours a day, in addition to their office when required.

Information Integrity. A wide range of protective services to ensure the integrity of information at home, in the office and while traveling.

Travel-related risk planning. Whether an executive is traveling domestically or internationally, by ship or private aircraft, we provide services to address the risk of traveling in today’s world. We will assess the executive’s current safety plans, provide travel intelligence and train family members in proper travel security.

Crisis management. These highly specialized services are designed to minimize clients’ vulnerability through pre-emptive planning and timely expert guidance in the event of a crisis.
Corporate Executive Protection

Managing the ever-changing operational risks in today's business climate is paramount to business continuity.

The safety and security of your people, property and information is essential and in many circumstances governed by legislation.

We provide a broad range of professional services designed to assist an organization in their protective security and investigative requirements
Our experts have vast and diverse experience, and ensure that integrity and discretion are paramount in their roles.

Our experts are prepared to meet a wide range of personal protection challenges whenever - and wherever - they are needed.

Executives face threats that vary widely depending on the industry, size of the company, geopolitical locations and the individual’s profile.

Our aim is to establish and maintain a safe working and living environment for our clients while continually minimizing risk. We achieve this by providing executive protection operatives to support our clients on a global basis.

Our experts, many of whom have served with the military as well as law enforcement and intelligence agencies, are prepared to meet a wide range of personal protection challenges whenever - and wherever - they are needed.
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