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Incident Response - Act Now!
What to do if you suspect you are under surveillance.

We suggest the following 6-point check list if you suspect you are a victim of eavesdropping or surveillance.

1. Contact a specialist counter-surveillance firm. If you use a telephone, make sure you make your call away from the suspected target area.

2. Do not discuss your fears with anyone within the workplace. Bugs are often planted internally by members of staff.

3. Do not try to find the bugs or wiretaps yourself.

4. Consider carefully what action you would take in the event of a bugging device being found. A competent bug sweep team will not alert the eaves-dropper that an inspection is being performed. Thus leaving you three options:

     a. Remove/destroy the bugging device

     b. Take steps to catch the eaves-dropper leading to the option to pursue criminal charges.

     c. Feed the device misinformation and monitor for results.

5. Tell only a minimum number of trusted people about your engagement of TSCM (bug sweeping) experts.

6. Consider engaging a TSCM (bug sweeping) firm to conduct regular sweeps and to seal the vulnerable areas of your meeting rooms.

By observing these common sense precautions you will limit any damage, and take great steps to safeguard precious business information from the bugging threat.
Protect your space with a complete anti-bugging system
Counter-Surveillance Services

Detecting and Eliminating Infiltration

Our in-depth expertise and seasoned security teams offer services ranging from bug and wiretap detection to worldwide security consulting services, as well as intensive hands-on training

ESP seasoned staff with over 25 years of combined experience in security, secret service and armed forces become deeply involved in the detection process and ensure the elimination of any possible infiltration.

Experienced technical staff evaluate the physical facilities, including telephone instruments and lines, review of existing security measures, methods of communications and storage.

These actions serve to warn of potential threats and to sugggest solutions for protecting premises, information and even lives..

ESP can deploy its team of counter surveillance specialists ready for travel anywhere in the world.

The Sweep Team can advise you of any found theft devices and clear a suspected area of all audio and video infiltration equipment.

We provide a complete list of all illegal bugs and wiretaps located, along with a comprehensive report which exposes areas of potential and actual infiltration as well as recommendations for ongoing preventive security measures.
Office and Commercial Sweeps

Our extensive experience in a commercial environment using advanced equipment, enables us to locate and remove all eavesdropping and spying devices wherever they are, and whatever level of sophistication they possess.
Specialist Commercial Sweep Services
Home and Private Sweeps

No home is private if someone is listening to or watching your every move.
Spying or bugging devices for little more than a hundred pounds can pass your private conversations, movements or computer data on to indiscriminate third parties.
Car and Vehicle

A vehicle tracker can pass every move you make, and every place you visit, on to someone else with pinpoint accuracy.
Trackers and mobile vehicle bugs can also be used to listen and transmit private conversations held within the vehicle.
International counter surveillance to protect your privacy, assets and intelligence from hostile surveillance
We help secure against unwanted intrusion from competitors, criminals and the press wherever you are in the world.
Our counter surveillance services can be implemented in response to a one-off incident or as part of an ongoing security program.
They are ethical, discreet, proportional and tailored to your specific needs

We offer clients:

24/7 incident response line, a fast and responsive international service, highly effective electronic bug detection, expert teams, a wide network of security connections and resources to draw on and permanent bug detection solutions.