An integrated security solutions company, Equator Group (EG) mitigates risk and develops comprehensive security programs for government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations across the globe.

Our assessments, training, crisis management, protective and support services help customers create and sustain secure business environments. Organizations trust Equator Group to protect their people, critical infrastructure and other high value assets.

Our specialists will develop a security program that is tailored specifically to fit your needs as, at all times, we want to make sure you have the tools, resources and necessary guidance to grow your business and secure your future.

We provide professionally trained security experts capable of detecting, deterring and responding to a wide variety of security challenges in accordance with local and international laws.

In order for our clients to rest assured that their people are secure while at the same time  enabling organizations to pursue business as usual even in the most austere environments, ESP employs seasoned professionals with the highest experience in special military operations, law enforcement and counter- terrorism units.

We realize that there is no substitute for strong “on the ground” leadership.

ESP has successfully mobilized and managed large numbers of security teams on-site in hostile environments.

Our program managers oversee large projects in multiple locations while managing day-to-day protective security details and operations.
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We rely on astute strategy and flawless execution while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.
• Armed and unarmed posts
• Emergency response teams
• Entry control points
• Guard-force training
• Integrated explosive detection dogs
• On-site security development training
• Quick reaction forces
• Reporting procedures
• Roving and escort operations
• Surveillance and counter-surveillance detection programs
• Tactical operations center
• Translators, interpreters and screeners
• Armored vehicles with communication systems
• Communication plans
• Convoys
• Counter assault teams
• Emergency action plans
• Executive motorcades
• Personal security details
• Point-to-point deliveries
• Quick reaction forces
• Reporting procedures
• Tactical operations center
• Trained drivers
• Planning/site surveys
• Procurement
• Export control
• High-threat area supply chain management
• Life support
• Inventory control
• Warehousing
• Distribution/tracking
• Maintenance
• Property management)
• Communications
• Air, road, sea and charter transportation
• Emergency logistics
• Humanitarian assistance logistics
• Special security services in special missions
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