We are one of the very few Companies in the worldwide maritime security market with +1000  full mission sets/firerarms & relevant experience personnel at sea.
Maritime Security Services

We offer our clients truly independent advice and support through a discreet, professional and ethical approach to the provision of security.

We aim to develop close relationships with our clients and gain a deep understanding of their needs to ensure we protect their assets and interests in the best possible way.

We offer a diverse range of security risk management services to corporate and private clients in maritime and land environments.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service at the best market  price and we work tirelessly to attract and retain the best people to deliver our services. 

With +1000 maritime security sets and firearms at sea, we provide a focused range of services and options against the threat of piracy.

Our teams are following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which has proved most effective in an emergency situation.

We strongly support regulatory compliance across the industry and we are Lloyds ISO 28007, ISO BS EN ISO 14001, ISO OHSAS 18001 and ISO ELOT EN 9001 Certified. We are BIMCO and ICoCA Members while we have accomplished most P&I clubs and flags requests.
Through our OPS Center, we monitor all of the incoming emails and phone calls, providing reports and intelligence updates concerning piracy activity, taking into account among others the Intel products of UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO), Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) and US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).
We officially operate as transit coordinators and OPS Center of other Maritime Security Companies,  providing with flexibility, accuracy and professionalism - within a very short time - a ready to serve marsec teams in order for your property and your crew to be safe at all times.
Our corporate team facilitates and protects the interests of companies, governments and non-governmental organizations operating in complex, high risk and hostile environments.
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Maritime Security Equipment & Armor

7.62x51 or 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifles

Magazines of 20 rounds 7.62x51 or 30 rounds 7.62x39   
Rifles sling & manuals  
Rounds in caliber 7.62x51 or 7.62x39
Molle plates carriers / Tactical vests
Stand Alone ballistic plates NIJ IV - 0101.06
US PASGT Helmets level IIIA  - 0101.06
Military case EXPLORER model 13527B for 4 rifles
Military case EXPLORER model 7641BE for Equipment
Military case EXPLORER model 3818BE for ammunition
Communication devices
Team first aid kit
ESP is affiliated Company, Business and Strategic Partner of INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR, a  certified supplier of Special Equipment and Special Armament for Security and Maritime Security Companies in worldwide basis.

INTERNATIONAL ARMOUR is NATO approved Company with CAGE Code G2181,  ICoC Signatory Company, UN registered Supplier. It has also obtained all relevant commercial and services licenses from the Hellenic Republic  Ministry of Public Order / Ministry of Defense, and has met all the criteria and qualifications under law to provide defense and safety products and services in all aspects of the security, maritime security and defense industry.

Under contractual agreements with well known International firearms and special equipment manufacturers, we legally supply the security and the maritime security industry with all the necessary equipment and gear needed for missions in HRA.